The Bishop
Personal Information
Real Name The Bishop
Nicknames None
Appears on Stronghold 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Spearmen


Ranged Troops Crossbowmen
Siege Engines Catapults


The Bishop is an unnamed minor character appearing in Stronghold 2. He is also available as an opponent in the Kingmaker mode in the Deluxe version.

The Bishop in the campaignsEdit

The Bishop is an influential leader of the church, who has the power of approval to make a new King. He resides at Lady Seren's church, which soon comes under attack.

In the good path, he serves Matthew Steele and his cause, as he sends a group of his men to retrieve the Holy Scepter, an important tool to legitimate The King's rule. Steele also prepares the abbey for defense against a vindictive Lord Barclay. After Barclay's failed sieges, the church recognizes the King again, as the new ruler of England.

In the bad path, the Bishop is found hiding in his church by Steele and Barclay. Barclay tries to convince him to sign a treaty that would assure his rule, but this fails as Steele intercepts and forces him to make a new pact. After the contract race for the crown, the Bishop ushers in the new ruler.

In KingmakerEdit

The Bishop is a moderately aggressive character.


The Bishop has a somewhat productive economy. He produces all four kinds of food and also erects a Lord's Kitchen to supply feasts with wine. He also erects one quarry, one iron mine and three pitch rigs to gather raw materials. He taxes heavily his peasantry, up to a -12 rate. To mitigate this popularity loss, he hands out extra/double rations and erects a church to hold masses.

Unlike most lords, the Bishop does not hold a huge stockpile of goods. He does not buy weapons and only replenishes wheat.


The Bishop's siege armies mostly focus on close combat. They consist of huge groups of spearmen, macemen and crossbowmen. From an erected siege camp catapults, mantlets and a trebuchet will roll out. Mantlets will try to always provide cover for troops while catapults and trebuchets pound anything in range. The Bishop's attack is most successful when his laddermen have conquered the walls, enabling his cruel macemen to break in and get in the keep in no time.

Between attacks, the Bishop builds up and sends forth small groups of macemen and catapults to conquer estates and wreak havoc.

Defense Edit

The Bishop's castle is very simple in design. It is square in shape, with only a small gatehouse and no towers whatsoever. To compensate for the lacking towers, he uses large chunks of walls in the corners to station small groups of crossbowmen on. He provides access to his walls via the barracks and the engineer's guild.

The Bishop also spends vast amounts of gold on a thin line of moat and a forest of man traps that surround the castle. Additionally, it takes a lot of time to complete, for such an ineffective defense.

How to deal withEdit

Defense Edit

Have a number of archers and swordsmen ready. Instruct your troops to engage macemen. Crossbowmen will be too slow to catch up and operate, so just take out them outside their range. The catapults and the lone trebuchet can be disposed of by your archers and wandering units.


Since the Bishop builds tightly, you will have to face almost everyone in the castle. Thankfully, they are not that many and the castle lacks defensive engines. A ladder attack is convenient, but sacrifices some soldiers. Bring some cats and a good-sized army. Pick a corner (yes, to attract as few crossbowmen as possible) and start digging. Send in a few spearmen or armed peasants beforehand to trigger traps. When a section is cleared, move in with melee troops to kill the guards, then scale the walls with your missile troops. Then fire at will and move in for the kill.


For the Bishop's quotes see: The Bishop/Quotes


  • The Bishop's lord animation does not include a sprite when he is fighting, therefore he always appears as idle. The lord turning to attacking soldiers will indicate that he is fighting.
  • The Bishop has a similar voice to Sir Grey.
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