Today we fight for a new beginning!
— The King, taunting the player
The King
Personal Information
Real Name The King of England
Nicknames None
Appears on Stronghold 2/deluxe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age Early 60s
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Spearmen


Ranged Troops Archers
Siege Engines Catapults

Burning carts
Battering rams
Small siege tower

The King of England is a character in Stronghold 2 and the main reason to fight in the 'Lost King' campaign for. He is believed to have a wife. Who? The Queen of course!

Character Edit

In the campaign, the King is portrayed as a ruler who prefers to leave fighting to his subordinates such as Matthew Steele, Sir William and Sir Grey and concentrate on economic and domestic matters. In kingmaker, the King fits this character and mostly defends, rarely attacking apart from sending occasional raids with a few pikemen and a catapult, mostly just to capture estates. As a result, he is often accused of being a coward. However he is also a benevolent ruler who cares much for the welfare of his people.

The King in the campaignsEdit

Path of PeaceEdit

The King sends Matthew Steele to try and remedy some land in his country when the three other lords that he has sent there - Sirs EdwinWilliam and Grey - fail to do so. He teaches Steele on chivalry and how to manage a castle, later even multiple estates. He praises him for his outstanding achievements and knights him. Eventually, he entrusts Steele to arrange and hold a big feast to celebrate this event.

Path of WarEdit

The King was the approved ruler of England, who once mysteriously vanished. His loyal knight, Sir William relentlessly searches for him to help reclaim the throne. In the meantime, it is revealed that a coup was arranged by The Hawk and Lord Barclay. The King held a great feast to celebrate his fifth year of ruling, but when the cups were raised and the feast was about the start, the King was poisoned by The Hawk.

In his bed, the King charged William to control the country, while he was recovering. However, Pascal managed to make William leave the King for dealing with a rampaging Olaf Grimtooth. As William had left, Pascal officially become the leader of the Royal Army, who made use of this and sold all weapons of the military, leaving the Royal Guard without weapons and the country defenseless. One of the King's men was able to realize the grave danger and fled with the King in safety, leaving the throne empty.

From safety, the King firsts contacts Matthew Steele when he fights The Bull. He promotes Steele for his efforts, but warns Steele about William's possible treachery. He contacts him a second time when Steele forces Olaf to retreat, lifting William's title of Royal Champion and mantles it to him. After Barclay's and the Hawk's failed siege on Edwin's former castle, Lady Seren reveals that he had been recovering in her abbey.

In the Blue Path, he first appears after the defense of Lady Seren's abbey, praising Steele for his accomplishments. After Sir William is saved by Steele for the second time, he mends his bond of trust with William. Eventually he plans to take on Barclay and prepares a siege on his castle to end the war.

In the Green Path, his location is revealed by Steele for Barclay. The two siege Seren's abbey successfully, but they cannot found him there. Gaining control over the church, Barclay titles him as heretic and spreads chaos among the country, forcing him to hide. However, he is soon hunted down in a fortification and dies to the final assault from Steele, Barclay and The Hawk. The crown is gained by Steele after the action.

In KingmakerEdit

Like The Queen, he has a very productive economy and builds large forces. His armies generally dish out little damage but prove fairly durable on the battlefield.

The King's castles are overall large with many towers and thick walls. The towers host different defense engines with archers. Archers and pikemen also guard gatehouses and crucial wall sections. Some castle designs involve sally ports planted in the wall lines. Swordsmen guard the King in the keep and the church.

Better than anyone in the game, the King has a very productive economy covering all fields. He mines both iron and stone and produces every kind of food. He has pigs, vegetables and wine for the Lord's kitchen. He also places popularity boosters: a church with candles production and a traveling fair. These two buildings may greatly slow some farms/workshops down, but keep his popularity high enough to keep peasants at his castle. The King ensures to always have wheat, pitch, swords and metal armor ready to use.

He defends his castle with pikemen, swordsmen and a few archers. Some of his towers will also contain tower-mounted ballistae to fire on incoming enemies.


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  • Normally, the King launches no siege camp attacks, because he lacks spearmen from the army. This can be solved by pre-placing one or more poleturner's workshops in his castle design, which automatically produce spears to supply the spearmen.


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