The Sheriff
Personal Information
Real Name William de Wendenal
Nicknames Sheriff of Nottingham
Sheriff of Derby
Sheriff of Lincoln
Sheriff of Leicester
Sheriff of Coventry
Sheriff of Chester
Sheriff of York
Appears on Stronghold Crusader
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age 47
Height Unknown
Weight Average
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Macemen


Ranged Troops Crossbowmen

Fire Throwers

Siege Engines Catapults

Fire Ballistae

The Sheriff is an AI Lord encountered in Stronghold Crusader and Extreme.


The character is based on the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Robin Hood lore. His nicknames, however, suggest he also represents in minor role Sheriffs of other cities in England.

In Stronghold Crusader, The Sheriff emulates his legendary counterpart quite well. He will heavily tax his peasants, treat them with great cruelty, and much like The Snake, is a master of deception and will use almost every dirty trick in the book to achieve victory. Also like the Snake, he speaks slowly and has the same mocking style when he taunts his enemies. However he is a much easier going lord, never appearing to worry much when under siege, and not being afraid of defeat or death.

He has a crossbow and a sword which he likes to show off to the player when taunting them.[1]

Castle design and behaviorEdit


The Sheriff runs a stable economy. He build numerous woodcutters, quarries, iron mines (more of these than any other AI lord) and pitch rigs, as well numerous apple farms, dairy farms and hops farms for his peasants. Being a cruel lord, he will also place plenty of evil things in his castle such as gallows, gibbets, and burning stakes to "motivate" his people. The Sheriff will build chapels, churches, and inns in abundance in an attempt to counter the negative effect of his cruelty.


Much like The Pig, the bulk of The Sheriff's siege forces are made up of macemen and crossbowmen. He does however, send more crossbowmen in his attacks than the Pig. From time to time, he will also employ a small number of assassins to join his army. When time to attack, engineers will build catapults, and uniquely for a European lord, fire ballistae, to aid in the offensive. If left undisturbed, the Sheriff tends to build up a lot of gold as the game goes on, and this enables his armies will noticeably grow in size. He doesn't attack that often, however, and usually makes sure there are plenty of troops left in his castle to defend it. In addition, assassins will show up in greater numbers. He also brings slaves if an enemy has a moat present (although his macemen can of course dig this up as well).

His method of besieging a castle is very strategic and perhaps is the most effective of any AI lord apart from Saladin. Attacking only if he has a sizable enough force, he will use assassins first to try and capture the enemy gatehouse, rolling forward fire ballistae and crossbowmen as a distraction, then sends his fast macemen before the enemy can react. However if this fails, he won't hesitate to use his macemen, supported by his catapults to try and create a breach in the enemy walls.

The Sheriff is also fond of harassment in the form of numerous macemen, catapults and fire ballistae.


All of The Sheriff's castle designs are large, well organized, and very productive. He begins his castle construction by enclosing his keep, granary, market, and armoury within a square section of thick wall. The Sheriff will then build up to five defense turrets along the wall, and man them with crossbowmen and fire throwers. A large gatehouse is placed between the towers, joining The Sheriff's well fortified keep with what will become the front portion of the castle.

Unlike many of the other AI lords, The Sheriff will not make the mistake of placing important structures outside of his castle walls. He will construct a town-like area crowded with hovels, weapon shops, and just about everything else in front of his enclosed keep and surround it with a thin, low wall.  The high walls and towers around The Sheriff's keep will be surrounded by a wide swath of solid pitch which his fire throwers will ignite with very little provocation.

His castle design greatly reflects the style of medieval castles in England (where he is from), where a castle was often attached to a small walled town, which contained housing and the service/industrial buildings that could not fit into the castle.

The Sheriff is sometimes seen patrolling his buildings with crossbowmen, fire throwers and assassins. He also deploys some crossbowmen and macemen when his workers are in trouble.

How to deal withEdit


An all-round attack means various troops will be needed for defense purposes. Crossbowmen win here, since all the Sheriff's troops wear leather armor, taking only 2-4 shots to kill them. Copying the Sheriff is also worth, since his troops get a morale penalty from bad things, meaning the defender's troops will survive a bit longer. Note however that assassins may strike anywhere, so keep some guards on the walls and gatehouses. Siege equipment can be disposed of by ballistae/fire ballistae, while all the troops are easy prey for your missile units. The Sheriff may gather his troops very early, so prepare well for his attacks!


There are vulnerable spots in the Sheriff's castle:

  • The wall surrounding the front, town-like section of the castle however, is poorly guarded and too low to block missiles launched from a fire ballista. The close proximity of The Sheriff's many buildings will cause even the smallest blaze to quickly spread beyond control. This will effectively kill off most his population, as well as burn his economy to the ground.
  • The keep's fortified area has numerous troops, but no siege equipment is deployed around it. Use the fire ballistae to thin out these ranks, then try to burn the interior. Not many water boys are hosted inside at the time you attempt to set the settlement alight, so important buildings will be burnt down in no time and the fire is likely to spread out to the town, making lives easier. Defense is concentrated here, so other crossbowmen and fire throwers' resistance will be minimal.


For the quotes of The Sheriff, see: The Sheriff/Quotes


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