Ah, yes. It's time to die!
— The Snake, taunting before an attack
The Snake
The Snake
Personal Information
Real Name Duc Beauregard
Nicknames Earl Doubletongue

Duke Vipertooth
Earl Poisonberry
Lord Python
Earl Diamondback
Duke Anaconda
Lord One Eye

Appears on Stronghold

Stronghold Crusader

Physical Information
Gender Male
Age 41
Height 6'1"
Weight 9 Stones
Strategical Information
Difficulty Easy
Melee Troops Spearmen

Macemen (Stronghold)
Slaves (Crusader)

Ranged Troops Archers

Crossbowmen (Stronghold)
Slingers (Crusader)
Arab bowmen (Crusader)

Siege Engines Catapults

Laddermen (Crusader)

Duc Beauregard (more commonly known as "The Snake") is an antagonist in the Stronghold series, and one of the AI opponents in Stronghold Crusader.


In the original Stronghold, the Snake is one of the four lords who have split the land between themselves. Whilst being very conniving and sly, he also bullies the Rat along with the Pig. He is the one who tricked the main player's father into a trap that cost him his life, although he was not the one who actually killed him. The Snake is the second lord to be defeated in the Military Campaign.

The Snake was once made governor to some of the richest provinces in the homeland where he made an extremely fruitful but less than honorable living from under declaring the taxes collected from his people. The king was eventually made aware of this and decided to have him exiled to Britain in order to keep him at arms length whilst still making use of his talents. Execution was, unfortunately, out of the question as killing such a popular leader with his own hand could well have sparked a revolution. During one of his first military encounters in Britain he went up against your father, losing an eye to him in a skirmish. On that day the Snake swore he would not rest until the decapitated heads of your entire family were lined-up on spikes outside of his keep. Already back to his old tricks, the Snake has his greasy hands in the Rats back pocket, draining his coffers with help from the corrupt tax officials initially sent over to give him aid.

Appearance Edit

Duc Beauregard is a regal looking gent, who is relatively tall and of slight build. He is the most elegant of your opponents (perhaps along with Saladin) as well as the best dressed, making him the complete opposite of The Pig. His chiseled face is accentuated by a head of slicked back black hair, which thins to a point at the front. Only the grey flecks above his ears and the few grey hairs in his short, well-groomed black beard betray his age. As well as wearing tight, figure-hugging clothes, which highlight his slim physique, he also decorates himself with a smattering of lightweight jewelry. Unlike the Rat, Pig and Wolf, but in keeping with his own troops, he does not wear armor. This due to the fact that of his lavish riches, he always adorns himself with the finest of clothing, which is not really suitable in fighting, which explains his aggressive yet cheap use of units, which is ironic considering his lavish sense of money. This he shows off by occasionally flaunting a bag of gold to his opponents.


In the first game, the Snake is a character that cannot be trusted, turning against his former ally, the Rat and before the events of Stronghold, tricking the player's father to his death. He also, while running a province under employ of the king, under-declared some of the taxes to maximize his own profits. The Snake, however, is not cruel to his own people, as the Sheriff, with a similar personality, is. This is perhaps because his troops are weak enough as it is, and eroding their morale would make them even worse fighters. Despite his lack of cruelty, however, the Snake is less than chivalrous to opposing lords with his mocking style of taunting, drawing his sword in front of his neck in the process.

It is unknown how the Snake behaves towards his allies as there is no speech, just one of his soldiers relaying messages, however he appears to be quite helpful to them as he is very willing to send lots of spearmen if a moat needs dug and will usually (if he is not under pressure himself) come to their aid when requested. He will also quite often enthusiastically attack an enemy when requested, and will send small raiding groups to help out in his allies' sieges even when not requested to do so. 

Finally, he is obsessed with the letter 'S', not only creating his castles in this shape but also having it as the centerpiece for his elaborate purple banner, which he proudly displays behind his throne.

Castles and strategiesEdit

In Stronghold CrusaderEdit

The Snake is an aggressive enemy who uses cheap troops in large numbers to overwhelm his enemies.

The Snake likes to build simple, compact fortifications with curved walls, perimeter turrets, and defense turrets. In some places around the perimeter of the castle, sections of moat are used in place of walls; this allows the Snake to enclose his keep more easily, but leaves him vulnerable to fire ballistae. To counter this, he places wells inside the castle, offering some measure of protection for his many weapon workshops. Archers man his towers and gatehouses, and spearmen and slingers may also be stationed at various locations.

Duc Beauregard's economy is very simple. He is similar to the Rat in that he only gathers wood, stone, and apples, but he constructs more buildings. Most of the Snake's industry is centered around weapon production, allowing him to recruit many units from his barracks without buying weapons.

The Snake likes to amass troops from the beginning of the game and frequently send them to battle. He is quick to launch slave and slinger raids against industrial buildings, while his siege forces consist of lots of archers, spearmen and Arabian bowmen. To support these units, he may use catapults to punch holes in the enemy's walls, or he may use laddermen to give his spearmen and archers a way to scale them. The Snake is the only AI lord who uses laddermen.

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Dealing with the SnakeEdit

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Note: When the Snake is the player's ally, he will command his servant to convey messages to the player.

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For the servant's messages see: Quotes:Servant


  • The Snake has two flawed castle designs that feature no gatehouse, effectively locking the Snake inside his own castle.
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