The Snake runs a modest economy focused on military. He builds 2 quarries along with woodcutters and supplies his peasants with numerous apple orchards. He has many fletchers and poleturners employed, and he also buys in spears and archers in large batches. He also provides a small variety of food by constantly buying in cheese. He has average taxes, but does not affect popularity or production in any way.

Because he builds a basic castle using little stone, and the majority of his troops are so cheap to hire, this economy, despite being small, serves the Snake well enough.

Below are different strategies used by the Snake.


The Snake is a considerably aggressive enemy. He uses only cheap troops (apart from a small number of Arabian archers), which means almost infinite attacks, as one group may quickly follow the other. If in a decent starting position he is often is the quickest AI lord (together with perhaps the Abbot) in the game to produce a large army. However since these troops are so weak he is not as powerful as he seems.

The Snake likes to send raids to his enemies lands often. He recruits a bunch of slaves, in smaller numbers than the Caliph does (but with no fear factor reduction in attack), backed up with slingers and throws them targeting enemy farms and quarries. Slingers are also able to provide a cheap missile cover, as they can effectively kill oxen and workers with one hit. He may also supply these groups with a lonely catapult to provide assistance. If one of his enemies is weak, he won't hesitate to send these raiding groups directly to their castle.

His main siege attacks are only composed of lightly armoured troops, but can still be quite menacing. The spearmen he brings rarely pose much of a threat, but the accompanying archers, both European and Arabian, are often sent in large numbers and can be. The one or two catapults the Snake also brings along can also be an annoyance. The Snake sends laddermen in his main attacks, and is the only AI lord to do so, although these are rarely used even if they do make it to the enemy's walls. They do however serve as a distraction to allow his archers more time to fire at enemy towers, and to allow some of his spearmen to reach the enemy walls. The Snake does not use slaves in his main attacks, but they may appear at the same time as part of a raid.

His attacks are undertaken very quickly after gathering his men, even if he has catapults to set up, and he doesn't leave his troops to wait for a long time like the Pig does. The danger of the Snake's attacks is that everything usually comes at once very quickly.


On low ground, the Snake has a S-shaped castle, bordered by a combination of narrow walls and a moat which encloses his buildings. On high ground, the Snake has an irregular heart shaped castle that sometimes, though not always, encloses all of his buildings. In both designs, perimeter turrets are placed at regular intervals, which are filled with archers. Gatehouses also have a small guard of archers and slingers. The keep is also heavily defended with units since attack forces are assembled there.

The Snake has an unnoticeable strike force of archers and spearmen for dangerous situations. He also recruits two or three (often large) groups of archers to patrol his buildings and sometimes has a group of slingers that run around patrolling his outside buildings (much like the Sultan has but not as many).

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