The thief is a unique unit available only in Stronghold 2.

Description and UsageEdit

Thieves are not made for combat but for stealing gold from the enemy's treasury. They have the appearance of a farmer to the other players. They can be ordered to 'attack' a player's treasury. When deployed, they steal 25 gold at regular intervals. Thieves can be uncovered by patrolling guards or manually by the player. 

When uncovered, the thief gets into melee combat and behaves like a regular soldier. He performs very well with his short sword, but falls from a few arrow hits. Thieves cost much honor and should be used carefully.

Despite these shortfalls, in a siege situation, with lots of thieves, one can raid an opponents treasury and steal gold from them as the spoils of war. This is a costly process in terms of honour, but it brings in lots of gold.

This unit is recruited from the Mercenary Post.


For the quotes of the thief, see: Quotes:Thief.

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