This is the transcript for the sixth Stronghold 2 peace mission, Village in the Marsh.


The King: The marshy estate east of here has been left alone by the other lords, as there is little in the way of productive land there, but there is an abundance of disease-ridden rodents. This is your next task.


Scribe: We have gained another estate my liege, although I don't like the look of it. It's full of disease and its rats now appear to be infesting our castle.

Scribe: The village is in a poor state my Lord. If we are to clean it up, may I suggest first getting some food production started here.

(The village is soon disposed of the filth and rats and it comes a living neighbourhood again...)

Scribe: (sniffs) Ah, that is more like it. No more rats and no more stinking gong!

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