Tunnel Entrance
2013-10-12 00001
General Information
Available in Stronghold
Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold 2

Usage Destroying buildings
Cost - free (SH, SHC)

- 200 gold
+30 gold/engineer (SH2)

The tunnel entrance is a building found in StrongholdStronghold Crusader and Stronghold 2.


The tunnel is a building used for siege purposes. Its main use is to dig under enemy walls (and towers) to make them collapse. It is effective at destroying walls, gatehouses and weaker towers, but it is unable to destroy towers with a strong foundation.

Tunnels need tunnelers or engineers to dig a tunnel to the target location. When they reach it, they collapse the tunnel they dug and damage the foundation of nearby buildings.

Tunnels are destructable buildings and they can be removed by siege engines or melee units to dispose of the tunneler using it.

Using a Tunnel EntranceEdit

Stronghold & Stronghold Crusader:

  • Choose a tunneler and move the mouse over a terrain where a tunnel entrance will appear if it is a valid location.
  • The tunneler will run and dig his way into the tunnel, then move under the ground. He lifts the ground where he is digging.
  • The tunneler then collapses the tunnel, along with the buildings he landed at.

Stronghold 2:

  • Place the tunnel entrance as an individual building from the 'Military' panel.
  • Click on it, then click "add Engineers". This requires an Engineers guild, available peasants, and 30 gold per engineer. The more people you add, the faster the tunnel is dug,
  • Then click "Target Point", click on an area you wish to dig the tunnel under, and watch it collapse.

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