The tunneler is a military unit appearing in Stronghold, Crusader and Stronghold 3.


Tunnelers are support units, who possess a pickaxe. They can dig tunnels under the ground, which they use for crumbling enemy walls and structures. They can also use their pickaxes in combat and removing buildings.


Tunnelers are used to destroy enemy walls by digging a hole into the ground and attacking the foundations. Their tunnel will collapse when it reaches a wall or an obstacle such as a stone, a river or a cliff, levelling or damaging walls and weaker towers. They also can't dig under the moat.

In a lesser extent, tunnelers can also be used to remove walls and buildings by themselves. They are really damaging in numbers: the tunneler himself deals low damage alone. They tend to be more useful for sieges than monks and certainly spearmen due to their fast speed.

These units have some disadvantages, however. Firstly, they are vulnerable to ranged fire and can be killed with a few archer shots or one crossbow bolt, due to their lack of armor. This can be particularly a nuisance with enemy patrols around. They are also poor in melee combat and die easily from a few hits.

Game differencesEdit

Stronghold 2:

  • Tunnels are present, but engineers are used to dig them instead of tunnelers.

Stronghold 3:

  • They can destroy walls with double power to make up for the fact that they can't dig tunnels. Also, they can't be hired in a guild - they appear only at the beginning of some missions.


For the quotes of the tunneler, see: Tunneler/Quotes


  • Tunnelers speak with a Welsh accent.
  • In Stronghold Crusader, they have a better attack and speed than spearmen.

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