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    Welcome everyone!

    Although there is still more than a week till the end of the month (at the time of writing), there is news to be shared.

    As was stated in last month's sitrep, the wiki has entered a transition phase mostly full of redesign and restructure. As such, editing has stepped up and now there are multiple projects, smaller and bigger ones. What they have in common is that they are considerably big to end in a very short time and therefore they are rather unfinished: every project is slowly but steadily advancing.

    These projects are now visible for everyone on the main page dashboard, where I subsequently leave notes about how everything progresses. While there is no indicator of percentiles or days showing how long it takes to compl…

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  • Ixsc15

    Greetings readers!

    This is the second monthly report of 2017. Let's see what has been done and what is in plan for March.

    The quotes for Stronghold Crusader 2 opponents, including those in DLCs, have arrived!

    These pages follow a similar format to previous quote pages, showing the triggers, as well as the quotes themselves in both text and sound format. The extraction and uploads took about 10 days to complete, while additional time was required for polishing mistaken lines and clearing up wrong references. The sounds are also available for download when clicking on individual links.

    Crusader 2 opponents also got their own character pages cleared up and injected, now all available for read.

    As seen in the main page notice, a core restructure is…

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  • Ixsc15

    Dear Readers,

    This writing is more of an announcement than a discussive blog post. Handle the contents below with care.

    The site has seen a lot of new changes since January. However, the small changes have been done so far and a complete revamp is needed, particularly in the page structures. As a result, most of the content pages are going to be grabbed and made into another format. The motivation is version separation.

    It is well-known that the Stronghold Wiki has no unified format regarding pages and contents. There are layout guides, but they are still very loose in regulation. Lots of buildings, units and other stuff have a buttload of information cramped together in very long articles. Navigation is almost impossible in the editor side. …

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  • Ixsc15

    Hello everyone!

    This post is a little geeky, detailing how I managed to find and extract quotes for the lords and other units for Crusader 2. The topic deserves a mention in my humble opinion, as it is quite a task to pull off yet very useful.

    Until Stronghold Legends, the sound files were stored in plain soundwave files, which are easily opened and listened to in an ordinary media player. However, with Stronghold 3, it became sorted into packages and wrapper files to conserve space and give better durability to their data (so that, no one can edit and make them corrupt by accident). With the proper utilities, the sound files and other core game data can be decrypted and exposed.

    I used the following programs:

    • the v-maker program from the Stro…

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  • Ixsc15

    Greetings everyone!

    Today is the first month since my announcement of revitalizing Stronghold Wiki, in 2017. This initial period has been considerably productive, so let's break down to what has been accomplished.

    As usual, the wiki has been added more content. Most notably, characters and their information has slowly, but surely been uploaded and supplied with articles on their character, strategies and background. Viewers can now read more about the Templar and the Princess, as well as a ton of new Crusader walkthrough pages, thanks to the outside editors!

    Lots of cleanings are also done and the small introduction of navbox templates and other updates are slowly incorporated in the site. To name a few: Crusader 2 units and characters, simpl…

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