This day was a magnificent one. A real 3v3 match, with reliable allies and tough opposition. I had a great experience and things just moved faster and faster as the game progressed. I could overthrow the enemy, although one of them found a pierce in my armor (again) and he could raze upon my territory. Pity I had to end the game and leave. Here are the screenshots:


Map: Grasslands (modified), 7500g

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'Esbern der Voreilige' [Esbern the Swift] (orange), 'King Richard III' (pink)

Enemy alliance: 'Sir Pyro' (green), 'Polat Alemdar' (teal), unnamed enemy (blue)

  • Richard's mighty castle
  • Esbern's fort
  • The castle of Cassius
  • Fortification on the borders
  • Pyro's multiple layers
  • Assaulting Polat's cluster
  • Cutting down cats and carts
  • Enemy air strike raining down
  • Advancing to the walls
  • Clearing the way inside
  • Sniping from long distance
  • Preparing to fire
  • Face to face with the enemy
  • Under the walls
  • The victorious enemies

Chat messages on pics (German):


Player Screenshot
'Yes, I am' Cassius II

Richard's mighty castle

'hihi, that will be amusing'

'sure :)'


Cassius II

Esbern's fort
'I'll send you' Cassius II

Fortification on the borders

Pyro's multiple layers

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