Hello folks,

This is the time, when I feel I must head to another way in making this blog. Since I have joined this wiki (October 2012, but actively editting since November/December), I have posted so far war communiques from the numerous multiplayer games I have fought, most of which alongside my friend, Michael (aka Hypno-disc under the flags of Sir Ironside and King Richard III. Now, I think it's high time I contributed something else.

I will use the blog to fulfil the role of a blog: writing about articles/themes I change in the wiki and coming up with new ideas. Not long ago we came up with a timetable with Michael and Elfansoer, a skilled engineer forging new devices for this site. This timetable is loosely kept up with, as it is hard to coordinate time zones and myself had other tasks to do in the summer time.

Some weeks ago, we decided to split up the editing. I got the task of creating/renewing articles of the Crusader characters. Layout guides help us in editing, which are hardly debated and mostly agreed with. I tried to complete this task by basing articles on these, while adding some interesting new content and pictures. By now I feel that this task is near to completion.

I recently moved to adding transcripts to SH2 missions. They can be hardly understood for non-native English-speakers and still, myself with more then 10 years' fluency in English, I do find it difficult to write these transcripts with near perfection. Sometimes I need to listen to more than a dozen times to one or two sentences, which are barely audible due to the numerous accents that appear in SH2. Pascal is especially hard to understand with his French accent, and Olaf is challenging with his coughs and exceptionally deep voice. So far, I have done about a third of the missions' transcripts available in the War Campaign. I'm considering adding the Peace campaign's lines after the War campaign is complete.

These transcripts may act as spoilers to the storyline and I highly recommend not to read them if someone is eager to wait what is happening in the next mission. Since most walkthroughs on video channels and other sites contain references to the storyline, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that spoilers are not revealed by accident. Other gaming sites like the CoD wiki or the StarCraft wiki already has these sites for each mission and I took the idea from these sites.

Feel free to edit these pages with care, as many hours' work lay in them. Audibility always varies and I cannot guarantee that the words are equivalent with the in-game cutscenes/lines.

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