Hello everyone!

After a year's long break, Wiki construction has ramped up once again and continues where it left off!

Point 1: page structuring

As stated in numerous blog posts of past times, page structuring took a final direction towards perfection. This is the current focus on the site.

Units and buildings will get a concise general page, where a selectable tabview will provide broken-down information for each game and miscellaneous topic. One of the latter ideas is the historical background, which will turn the experience kind of like that in a library, where the reader digs through picturesque pages of an encyclopedia. The first few implementations are for buildings, some of which already show good hope.

This plan is still in its very infancy, having devised its schedule as follows:

  • Re-write and group text per content, build a page structure for each of them - CURRENT
  • Add media for pages
  • Add cross-wiki references (i.e. Russian and German SH-sites)

Point 2: cleanup

This issue is currently pretty much secondary. Although the wiki still has unused, excessive, etc. pages and templates, they became unprevalent enough that the regular viewer should barely meet them.

Most of these pages are about marginal content that contain little information or are merely constructed for completeness' sake. They should be either merged into a major content's page or removed; these require a considerable amount of effort to manage and realize.

See for example: Deer

Sidenote: hiatus in 2017

This Wiki had a consistent number of views, yet editing became very low due to the absence of my activity. On a personal note: emotional and life changes grabbed more focus. Back then (and right now) I was full of dreams, yet motivation was lacking and eventually my interest waned in editing.

Right now, the situation is a bit different, as the wiki has remained a good source of spending time and creating content. Until the information hub is complete on the wiki (which will never come), there job remains to be done.

The following months should be swelling with activity and content making. While progress is slow, it steadily climbs and approaches to a steady state. Expect more notes to come on updates.

Happy reading!