I recently took up taking screenshots of multiplayer games, having some really joyful and glorious situations. This small library will be kept updating as games are played. In the future, shots related to non-network games might be added as well, such as bugs, favourite moments and other topics.

All photos below are personal. Distribute them with or without permission.


Map: BELT v1.3, 7500g, 9 yr peace time

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'King Richard III' (orange)

Enemy alliance: 'mascor cinator' (green - exited mid-game), 'Matze' (teal)


Map: [2v2] ...

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'King Richard III' (orange)

Enemy alliance: 'Herzog Alexander' (green - exited mid-game), 'Funébre' (teal)

  • Deflecting the enemy charge
  • Royal forces on the monastery
  • The flying knights
  • The King's bodyguards
  • King Richard's food industry
  • Confessing the truth
  • The glorious knights
  • Joint operation
  • Fierce fight
  • Shockwave of death

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