It's been a long time since I played multiplayer. By now I could take more shots than before, here's today's gallery! As a summary, here's a mixture of victorious and losing moments.


Map: BELT v1.3, 7500g

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'King Richard III' (green)

Enemy alliance: 'Master Kush' (orange), unnamed player (teal - quit mid-game)

  • Cassius's keep
  • Royal food production
  • Fortifying the borders
  • The first attack
  • Assembling for assault
  • Penetrating the walls
  • Royal castle from bird's eye
  • The royal industry
  • A fully running economy
  • Raiding the enemy territory
  • On the way to the keep
  • The master and his defenders
  • Razing the farms
  • Commando in action
  • The loyal victims
  • Taking on Kush

Map: Grasslands II, 150g

Friendly alliance: 'Askamir' (red), 'Cassius II' (teal), Mazeone (blue)

Enemy alliance: 'Lord Stronghold' (green), 'lord ivan' (orange), 'Sir Hrant' (pink - quit mid-game)

  • Setting out
  • Bread mass production
  • Ivan's economy
  • Weak attempt
  • Focusing on apples
  • Askamir's economy
  • Mazeone's economy
  • Crippling in front of the enemy
  • The Round Table
  • Dying in the open

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