Dear Readers,

This writing is more of an announcement than a discussive blog post. Handle the contents below with care.

Renewal and development

The site has seen a lot of new changes since January. However, the small changes have been done so far and a complete revamp is needed, particularly in the page structures. As a result, most of the content pages are going to be grabbed and made into another format. The motivation is version separation.

It is well-known that the Stronghold Wiki has no unified format regarding pages and contents. There are layout guides, but they are still very loose in regulation. Lots of buildings, units and other stuff have a buttload of information cramped together in very long articles. Navigation is almost impossible in the editor side. Therefore, the following layout plans are set:

  • Each "thing" context will contain a base page and several game-specific page.
  • The base page serves as a disambiguation page, as well provides historical background. Most of them are quite straightforward and should give the reader a first impression of how the particular unit or building works.
  • The game-specific pages are for distinguishing purposes. They contain information specific to a certain game, basic usage included. Costs and functions can be well-included in their banner, as well as individual pages can now be worked on without disturbing or vastly redesigning other content.


As a result, random pages can be expected to remade and restructured. This won't go from one day to another, but rather will be made in a very long time (as currently I work actively alone). Old text will be preserved where possible, however many new text has to be written as there are lots of cross-references. Pages will come with their own text as a first version, and only then will be supplied with images. Gathering information and making articles take quite a time, that is why patience is needed.

Navbox templates are another big concern, being present in almost every page. Lots of them are going to have broken links and will be barely functional. Since I don't know which pages are in need of separation, I leave their links intact.

I am trying to maintain some sort of system that I choose to separate content in. However, this is also influenced by how a page looks like and how much clean-up it needs, so it is varied. We will eventually get to the end of this project too.

Have fun browsing in the wiki!

Ixsc15(talk) 20:54, February 18, 2017 (UTC)

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