Today, the enemy again has been taught a lesson. As my comrade had to leave this fields to complete another quest, I had to deal with the hostile alliance. The pressure from our side was massive and constant, which the enemy could withstand for some time, but not infinitely. Ruins, sharp blades, hundreds of rocks and penetrating bolts showed the superiority of us. Here's today's shots!


Map: 2v2 edited, 7500g

Friendly alliance: 'King Richard III' (red), 'Cassius II' (orange)

'Enemy alliance': 'Bob' (green), 'barbar Radek' (teal)

  • Cassius's economy
  • The king's economy
  • Barbar Radek setting out
  • Bob pinning down the wolves
  • Flewn troops on the cliffs
  • Small defense line
  • Radek's turtle formation
  • River Missisippi
  • Filling in the river
  • Great firepower
  • Repelling the cavaliers
  • Crumbles upon our march
  • The brave axemen
  • Massive casualties
  • Slaves upon their master
  • Dog playground

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