It's been a long time since I had the last multiplayer game. But now, I'm back, with the amassing raw materials and economy! This fight proved to be a long lasting, but enjoyable one. Although one opponent had to quit very early, we had to track themselves and work our way in the enemy territory. The power of fire also showed us how devastating it is in the form of burning carts and pitch fire. Boiling oil somehow missed its presence. Let's see today's shots:


Map: 'corridor' 2v2 map, 7500g, no pt

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'RED CIOUD' (teal)

Enemy alliance: 'Sir Lancelot vom See' (Sir Lancelot of the sea, orange), 'Lord Vadani' (green)

  • The home economy
  • Light defenses
  • Cioud's economy
  • The industry machinery
  • Blasting friend and foe
  • Mass destruction
  • Minor achievement
  • The source of all might
  • Temporary defense line
  • Vadani's hideout
  • Another bunker
  • More things to destroy!
  • Fortifying the line
  • Moving in!
  • After a rock storm
  • On the roof
  • Another great game

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