Long time since a communique was released, but finally here is one. Our quest was victory, but we highly failed at it, because our Lord betrayed us and did not support us. The enemies made great use of this fact.

We were building up in a long peace time, succeeding in pushing the enemy back to their own estates. However, our cluster attack died, when a mass group of knights struck us and we were forced to retreat, losing many siege engines and cats. During the fierce fighting, a small commando of assassins killed my ally, which was a great loss. Honour production was set back by an accidental move of the lord, resulting in a loss of mass and feast bonuses. Even the advanced micromanagement of catapults, cats and the small number knights could not stop the power of the hostile forces. Good game and a well deserved victory for the opposition in a struggling 2 hours game.


Map: [2v2] BELT v1.3, 5000g, 7 years pt, no trebuchets (broken rule)

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'INSECT' (teal)

Enemy alliance: 'saris' (green), 'filius' (orange)

  • Economy of Cassius
  • INSECT's castle
  • Filius's industry
  • Saris's industry
  • First defenses
  • Mighty powers
  • Preparing for an assault
  • Fighting with flames
  • The enemy hedgehog
  • Assault position
  • Gaining territory
  • The remaining siege camp
  • Enemy push
  • Carving a path through ash and fire
  • Sudden attack
  • Falling back
  • Holding off the enemy charge
  • Fight at my doorstep
  • The victorious defenders
  • The surrender of INSECT
  • The cat forest
  • Another charge being fend off
  • Defensive formation
  • The enemy is upon us!
  • No hope...

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