Hello everyone!

This post is a little geeky, detailing how I managed to find and extract quotes for the lords and other units for Crusader 2. The topic deserves a mention in my humble opinion, as it is quite a task to pull off yet very useful.

The challenge

Until Stronghold Legends, the sound files were stored in plain soundwave files, which are easily opened and listened to in an ordinary media player. However, with Stronghold 3, it became sorted into packages and wrapper files to conserve space and give better durability to their data (so that, no one can edit and make them corrupt by accident). With the proper utilities, the sound files and other core game data can be decrypted and exposed.

I used the following programs:

  • the v-maker program from the Stronghold Nation page tutorial. This allows for the packing and unpacking of .v files, a pack file format used to store the Crusader 2 assets.
  • the Aezay FSB extractor, which allows for unpacking and exporting FMOD sound files.
  • WinRAR to investigate the extractable .v file.

The procedure

First of all, we need to locate the container for the various sound files. En.v is used for this in Crusader 2 in the assets folder.

After that, we make a copy of the asset file to prevent any direct modification. We are going to use this for our work. I placed it in the xxx folder. [1]

Next, we have to replace the extension with .txt. We will make a copy of the original file with the v-maker program to make it extractable with WinRAR or any zipper program. [2]

Drag and drop the recently renamed .txt file on the v-maker program. It will create an openable .v file. [3]

Open the newfound .v file with your zipper. It will contain an en folder, with multiple folders and lots of .fsb files. These .fsb files are used to store the sound samples and files. [4]

Open the sound files with FSB Extractor. It will detail all the files in the package, starting with the Caliph's voice lines. The filenames follow a similar convention to that of in Crusader. All output files are in .mp3 and openable by any common media player. [5]


Credits go for the programs' creators and developers, particularly to the staff of

You can also view and edit these files at your own risk, you have been warned!

Ixsc15(talk) 02:01, February 8, 2017 (UTC)

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