It's been a while since I had the next memorable game with my true good friend. We had the usual constitution and the same map and this time, it was proven that SH2 is not only economy and troops. Both sides used prevention, but two different forms of it. Our side decided to take control over the central area and move forward as possible, while the other side wanted to set up a huge defense of hoarded square towers, archers and a prepared special task force.

As it turned out, our strategy was the winner, as we had easy targets and proper preparations. Both of us used its own force to move out and tear down the enemy lines stone by stone. Here are the shots:


Map: 2v2 edited, 7500g

Friendly alliance: 'Cassius II' (red), 'King Richard III' (teal)

Enemy alliance: 'Lord Dumbeldort' (orange), 'andi' (green)

  • Our economy
  • The royal castle
  • Dumbeldort's industry
  • Andi's castle
  • Targetting an outlaw camp
  • Massive firepower
  • Heavy fortifications
  • Troops assembling behind the line
  • Growing tensions
  • Clusters preparing to attack
  • Strike force standing by
  • Crippled horse attack
  • Fierce fight of knights
  • Attacking the enemy
  • Piercing the defender's stand
  • Dual attack
  • Levelling the defenses
  • Almost done...

Chat messages on pics:

Almost done...:

- 'I must go then' (Cassius II)

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