This afternoon our guild has achieved a massive victory! This time we had our royal friend's league on our side, supporting the campaign with troops and loyalty. The hostile alliance of death is vanquished and it has suffered massive losses in manpower, goods and prestige. See the pictures based upon our scribe's reports below:


Map: 2v2 Outlaws vs Bears vs Lords, 7500g

Friendly alliance: 'King Richard III' (red), 'Cassius II' (orange)

Enemy alliance: 'Vishnou' (green), 'Richard Cypher' (teal)

  • Holding the ground
  • Production on the ore
  • Mass production
  • Confrontation upon the ruins
  • Pushing back
  • Burst of the pikemen squad
  • Starting the siege
  • For glory!
  • Penetrating the defenses
  • Hole in the wall
  • Joint attack
  • Infiltrating Vishnou's settlement
  • The late reinforcement
  • Meeting the bodyguards
  • Vishnou's mighty mace
  • Pinning down the pikemen
  • Attack from two sides
  • Pushing forward
  • Targetting the barracks
  • Suicidal squads
  • Moving in
  • The army of engineers
  • Conquering the engineer's guild
  • Attack of the snipers
  • The teal bodyguards
  • Suppressing fire
  • The flying nobles
  • Succumb of the last warrior

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