Setting Out
Crusader Walkthrough 02
Players 2
Map Name (5) Watering Holes
Game Mode Normal
Allies none
Enemies Caliph "The Scorpion"
Starting Conditions
Human Lords 2000
Computer Lords 2000
This is mission 2 in the Stronghold Crusader skirmish trail.


You start in the top-left corner of the map, while The Caliph is located on the other side. You have got a huge deposit of iron behind you, while the Caliph has access to much arable land and stone. Swamps are in the bottom-left corner, far from each player (a bit nearer to the Caliph).

Situate the basic buildings (market, barracks, granary, mercenary post, armoury, engineer's guild) and start developing bread production. Try to acquire as much wood as possible within a short time.

Place a square tower near the oasis right to you and site here a mangonel with 10 crossbowmen (buy their equipment) and some arab archers. In the north, mark a moat line adjoining the lake and dig it with your starting troops, forcing enemy slaves to advance south in the oasis, where they are easy targets for your bowmen. Aim your mangonel at the Caliph's walls and enjoy the destruction.

Caliph 1 480

caliph's castle

As you get wood, build around 5 iron mines. Site fletchers and a tanner for crossbowmen, supplying the latter with a dairy farm. Sell excess bread and wood. Strengthen your tower with missile troops (arab bowmen should do against slaves).

You should then build up an army of 60 assassins and 6 siege towers. You can optionally reinforce them with 50 horse archers, but that is not really important. Move in one or two towers next to the walls, hopefully making the enemy defenders to ignite some pitch ditches. While the flames are burning, send your remaining siege towers to a vulnerable wall section, followed up by your assassins. Your special task force can be commanded then against the Caliph without high losses.

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