Start off by building three towers, and placing a magonal in each tower. Obviously, you will need to purchase about 100 stone and build an engineers guild. After that, have them suppress that three closest castles, this would be the two pigs and the rat. This prevents them from really being able to get an advantage over you, as though they will try to build, most if not all will be destroyed by the barage of rocks. Secondly, build your granary, three wood cutters, and three or four hovels. This is enough to get you started. From here on out, continue to build up your defenses, It won't take long for the pig furthest away to send help to his buddy, in which case you might be in for a downhill battle if you are not prepared. Make sure you get a jump on the iron and rock deposits aswell, but only the ones in front of your castle to start off, as the others are heavily guarded by the lionheart and the pig. More than likely, your men won't even be able to get out there. The same can be said for the farmland near your castle. Although you can send men to defend it, the pig closest to that oasis grass land will consistently send macemen and archers which can prove an overwhelming factor, if you can not produce enough soldiers to keep up with the injured/lost ones. Anyway, sticking with the strategy aforementioned, and gradually building an economy, I finished this fight in about an hour and a half. Good luck, and good fighting! 

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