This is a strange one, with you up against four Rats and one Pig, also versus one Sultan who is unallied to anyone. You start with 10k gp so you have a choice; rush everyone all at once or go slow and steady. You should have played the game enough by now to know how to make a good economy with several thousand gold at your disposal. You don't have much stone and you have no iron but you have farmland for wheat and hops, lots of potential wood, and a few tricks on how to make money out of nothing; wheat into bread and wood into crossbows. This is is terribly easy.

Personally I wimped out and only rushed the two closest Rats with 50 monks apiece before placing a tower to the north, east, and two northeast filled with archers and crossbows, and building a proper economy. I used the space freed up from the Rats to place tons of fletchers for gold gen. I continued to build monks until I sent a force of 100 to slay the Sultan, then placed a horde of Bad Things on his corpse for Fear Factor. I also dropped dairy farms and tanners on his former farmland. I intended to build a larger force of monks to take on the other Rats, but with all the stone, crossbows, and bread (I keep on half rations and use inns to compensate) I was selling, I was able to buy in maces and send a fat wave of macemen to kill them both; 100 macemen should take them both out. I built back up to 200 before slaying the Pig.

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