Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a mission in Stronghold's campaign, where you only need to hold out against the enemy.

To win the mission, you need to do the following:

  • Collect wood, as your first priority. You will need lots of wood to get enough weapons, as well as to ensure you have a defense against enemy attacks. Simply place woodcutters near the trees somewhere to the southwest - at least 6.
  • Build up bread production with a Wheat Farm, Mill and Bakery. The production chain only needs one mill, you'll want to focus on the bakery.
  • With enough bread, you can provide extra rations, and therefore increase tax.
  • Build multiple Fletcher's Workshops. This is needed to produce the archers needed to hold off the final wave.
  • Build barracks. This allows you to train your archers.

The enemy attacks in three waves. The first two are a mixture of archers and spearmen, both of which may be held at bay with a simple wall. covering the right-hand entrance and the area to the left.

The final wave is supported by catapults. Most likely they will attack the physically closest wall, which may either be the entrance on the right, or the left-hand approach, although the catapults will run out of stone if they last long enough. If the enemy manages to breach a wall, you can have your archers fall back to the center keep.