In this mission, you're offered an alliance from The Snake, where he provides some men in exchange for a bit of ale. It's initially 10 barrels, but he makes a few excuses to raise the amount.

  • Acquire 20 ale
  • Eliminate all enemy units


In this mission, you are attacked early. If you want to slightly boost your forces, you can do so by purchasing extra bows through the market.

You will need to build your economy - first, the standard woodcutters (at least four near the corners of the upper plateau), along with a few farms in the valley. You can optionally farm stone if you prefer using heavier walls.

For hop production, you will want at least two hop farms, along with associated breweries. While the ale is being brewed, you will want to maximize your own forces as well, wither producing or purchasing bows and likewise building up an army of your own.

To defend, there are a few approach points. You will need to plug the entrances in the north of the valley and to the north-east, in addition to the main line in the southeast.

When you have the quota of 20 ale, the snake sends a group of 20 archers and 20 spearmen. Shortly after, the Rat will launch his final attack, about four times as large as his previous waves, in addition to siege weapons.

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