At the start of the mission, you have a few archers, along with monks providing assistance.

The objective is to collect enough stone, while resisting attacks of increasing strength from The Pig.  The initial waves start with macemen and pikemen, with crossbowmen appearing on future waves. No siege units appear during the attacks.

During the attacks, the enemy will most likely have to travel through pitch. This should be one of your primary defenses, where you attempt to channel

Your base has two back doors: to the far left, there is a small section from the swamp that can walk around the fortification. To the right, the enemy can climb the hill and walk through the forest. If you plug the front entrance, expect the enemy to try searching for these alternate paths.

The quarry location is found in the south-west. You can fit three quarries in the rock field, but will need plenty of ox transports in order to ensure a steady supply of stone. You should also build defenses around this quarry, as the enemy may decide to attack if it your base isn't protected.

During later waves, you will want to use pitch fields and try to channel the enemy through them rather than letting them search for weak points in the defenses. One field can take care of the initial macemen, the next handles the pikemen, and the crossbow men should pose only limited threat after their melee escort gets burned.

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