Matthew Steel's textile empire

This is the second part of mission 2 in the Path of War, in Stronghold 2.


Your advisor, Simpkins shows how rabbits can be hunted for meat. William is out on a mission to hire Flemish archers and he needs cloth to supply them.


Put the stone quarries and ox tethers to sleep. You won't need any stone and that frees up a bunch of peasants. Build a second hovel and - as wood comes in - place many hunter huts to the lpace where the rabbits are shown. Do not worry if you spend two or three months with no food, they'll soon produce more than enough. Build two more hovels and step by step build 8 weavers and 8 sheep farms. You can win the mission with a lot less, but you'll need them in the next mission.

The aftermathEdit

A storyteller arrives to tell about the poisoning of the King. The King had held a great feast with guests from all over England. But, a traitor wanted to remove him. As the guests were about to cheer and have their welcome drink, the King collapsed from the poison in his portion. Luckily, he survived but became very ill. He gave responsibility for William over the Royal Guard, to defend the country.

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