In this mission you have taken the Rat's castle and you must defend it against it's former owner. The castle is badly designed, so you'll probably need to strength it up a bit. Make another gate on the left side where the moat is supposed to be finished. Build Dairy farms near the gate to get food. After getting a stable food production build a wooden wall on the side where the signpost is facing the castle. Build Towers on the left corner of your castle. Build Fletcher Huts to bolster initial defenses place them on the said tower due to it being able to snipe the engineers and surviving. catapults By the time you've finished all these the Rat would attack. The Rat's Troops will mostly be made up with spearmen, few archers, ladders and engineers . If the Rat managed to After the attack the wooden wall is half destroyed along with the stone wall behind it. Rat would have also destroyed the quarry and woodcutter huts. Quickly repair both walls and rebuild the quarry and ox tethers and start to refill the moat. Relocate the woodcutters hut near the dairy farms. Train more archers and spears. By the time The Rat's troops appears again archers would already try and snipe again. If the Rat manages to break through the walls use your spearmen as an organic wall to stop the rush.

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