This is the second half of mission 11 in the Path of War, in Stronghold 2.


By now you (as Steele) have stabilized your position in Sir William's lands. Time to move on William himself.

A fierce battleEdit

As you conquer Upwey estate, the clan McLoud turns up with a reasonable army to guard the estate and help you in the siege of William. However, a bit later Sir Grey turns up with a larger army to teach both of you a lesson. The Bull's troops start fighting his army, while Grey is also upon you. Support your friendly troops as you can, as they can be quite helpful. Angus will surely die in the battle, but Grey is likely to remain alive. Get rid of him and his army of swordsmen to clear the way to the siege.

Sir William's siegeEdit

William's stronghold is guarded by some fire ballistae (protected by mantlets), archers and pikemen. Two defense lines are set up, both hosting a deadly field of killing pits and pitch ditches. It is up to you how to clean up the defenders. You should attack with some fire ballistae, wiping out units on towers and walls, especially hostile ballistae on the field. Send laddermen to get the rolling logs used up. Burning carts may trigger killing pits without losses, so deploy them once archers are nowhere near. Repeat this with the next line. You should consider demolishing the gatehouse and towers with catapults. Remember to mop up traps.

To catch William, you'll need some hardy troops to fight enemy swordsmen and dispose of killing pits. 60-70 berserkers should make it in no time to the keep. Don't fight defending swordsmen, go straight for the Lord. William will surrender after a fight to death.

The aftermathEdit

Sir William is ordered to be executed by Steele's men. He tells Matthew how he treated him to get there, but he soon fades into darkness.

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