Wheat Farm
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Wheat production
Cost 15 wood

65 wood (SHC2)

The wheat farm is a food production building.


Wheat is grown here by a farmer. When wheat has grown high enough, it is harvested and delivered to the stockpile. Wheat is used by mill workers for flour production and to a lesser extent, bakers, who make bread from flour.

Wheat is susceptible for withering if not harvested in a certain amount of time. Rabbits can also eat wheat seeds and grown wheat.

As with most plantation, wheat farms can only be placed on green-lands and in the oasis.


Wheat farms are the sole producer of wheat, which are the first resource in the bread production chain. Wheat can also be sold for a little gold, as it is a cheap resource to get, although it is always better to sell excess flour at a better exchange rate.

As all farm buildings, wheat farms are most effective in close proximity of the castle, so that the wheat farmer can harvest most of the wheat before withering.


  • Wheat can be destroyed by Drought. This is a preset event, which kills all growing and grown wheat-ears, but leaves harvested ones unaffected. It also prevents wheat from being grown for a small time.


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